Corporate Training
Computer Classes for Professionals, Small Businesses and Organizations

    General Information:

  • Each class is two hours in length (Welfley Technologies' learning materials are included)

  • Classes are one-on-one or small or large groups at your convenience

  • Call Welfley Technologies at 330.715.1346 for costs and to schedule


  • Two-hour classes are time-efficient and maximize learning

  • Classes taught at Welfley Technologies or at your site

  • Applications oriented - learn skills that can be applied at work

    Ideal for:

  • First-time computer users

  • Business owners and presidents

  • Sales managers and personnel

  • Busy administrative, clerical and support staff

500 Computer Tune-Up
505 Computer Troubleshooting
510 Computer Basics (Windows or Mac)
515 Keyboard Basics
520 Windows Basics
530 Internet Basics
540 E-mail
550 Microsoft Word (Three Levels)
551 Word Perfect (Beginner Only)
554 Desktop Publishing with Microsoft Word
555 Creating Newsletters (Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher)
556 Microsoft Publisher (Two Levels)
557 Electronic Newsletters (Three Levels)
560 Microsoft Outlook (Three Levels)
570 Microsoft Excel (Three levels)
580 Microsoft Access (Four Levels)
590 Microsoft PowerPoint (Three Levels)
595 Web Page Design with Microsoft FrontPage (Two Levels)
596 Creating On-Line Forms (Microsoft FrontPage)
600 Using QuickBooks (Two Levels)
610 Microsoft Project (Two Levels)
620 Palm Pilot Basics
625 Using Adobe Acrobat
630 Mail Merge with Excel, Word and Access
640 Legal Issues of the Internet, E-Commerce and Employees
660 Importing, Exporting and Linking Data in Windows
670 Macros, Templates and Custom Toolbars in Windows
680 Using Act
690 Worms, Viruses and Computer Safety for Beginners
700 Scanning and Working with Photos
710 Creating Labels, Certificates and Greeting Cards

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