New Spam and Virus 
Blocker Software

Welfley Technologies' sophisticated technology blocks spam and virus-carrying e-mail from ever reaching your inbox.

The software works on any computer for all your e-mail.

Through several methods of evaluation, each message is screened. The valid messages are permitted to pass through to your e-mail program. The e-mail that is deemed spam or contains a virus is quarantined on the Welfley Technologies' server.

Each user receives a user name (which is their e-mail address and a password which they can reset) with a link to the Welfley Technologies server. The link enables the user to access their quarantined mail and select e-mail to permit through, thus training the software. After two weeks, the system works with minimal intervention.

It takes 10 minutes to set up and with little involvement on your part. No software to load on any of your computers.

Try it free for 10 days. Call Welfley Technologies at 330.715.1346.

The cost is $40 per e-mail address per set up fee.

2208 Harcourt Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44106    Phone: 330.715.1346