Residential Services
Computer Training and Problem Solving at your Home

    General Information:

  • Simple explanations and expertise from patient, qualified people

  • Training: cost is $225 for a  private, one-on-one, two-hour class

  • Computer Tune-up

  • Computer Troubleshooting

  • Computer Wipe Down


  • We come to you, saving you time and maximizing convenience

  • You learn better when you are at home working on your computer

  • Lots of one-on-one attention

    Ideal for:

  • First-time computer users

  • Professionals who work at home

  • New home owners

  • Older adults

Problems We Solve:

  • At home computer training for any software

  • Computer needs repaired

  • Operating system needs upgraded

  • Set up wireless or traditional computer networks within a home

  • Assist with mail merges and mailing labels

  • Speed up slow running computers

  • Help in purchasing a computer

  • Can't connect to the internet

  • Printer won't work or print

  • Hard drive crashed

  • Eradicate computer viruses and worms

  • Scanner or digital camera won't work with your computer

  • Computer won't defragment

  • Data on computer needs backed up

  • Can't save or retrieve files

  • New software won't install

  • Accounting software won't synchronize with your bank online

  • Can't print checks with your accounting software (Quicken, QuickBooks)

  • Not sure how to use your Palm Pilot

  • Computer keeps freezing

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2208 Harcourt Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44106    Phone: 330.715.1346